Friday Update: Week 30/2015, French talk and more Mongolian units

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Friday Update: Week 30/2015, French talk and more Mongolian units

Post by peugeot407 on Fri 31 Jul 2015 - 20:05

This week, we're going to talk about the French bonuses, and how they affect their gameplay. However, if I would go into a lot of detail about that, I feel I would start repeating myself at a later point, so instead of that, you can read it all here, in the latest entry among the User Friendly Civilisation Outlines:

Of course we do have more to show you than just that, so here are two units for the Mongols:

I think I accidentally threw my Yuan in the Bin. Could you take it out for me?

Yes, you've seen a texture of the Yuan Bin before, I know. This, however, is a texture made by Pepp, and Pepp has a bit of a habit of redoing textures when he feels they're no longer up to his standards. This is actually the second time the Yuan Bin has been completely redone, but I think we can all agree that it's only become prettier...

If you're an aristrocrat from Russia, wrecked with self-doubt after you subjected yourself to the Mongols, you can never wear too much fur.

This, however, is a new unit. The Boyar Vassal is an aristrocrat from one of the Russian principalities that was subjected by the Golden Horde, and as might be expected in such a situation, they fight in a manner akin to European knights. With it, the Mongols are pretty much all done in terms of texturing, barring a few small things here and there...

I know architects, and supposedly also architects-to-be, aren't really meant to blacktalk certain styles, but I cannot help but agree with AOE_Fan on this matter, Rococo is an affront to all things beautiful. Consider this a good old "quoted for truth":

AOE_Fan wrote:Just a random question because I'm curious: have you ever heard about the Cosmatesque decoration style used in medieval times? I was completely unaware of such thing before I visited Rome in spring but it's really beautiful, in my opinion. Definitely much so than ugly rococo styled churches...

K&B salutes... Hoop Thrower, for consistently posting replies that are even more insightful and interesting than our own history posts on Facebook...
K&B refutes... Rococo, obviously. After the Quote of the Week, did you expect anything else?

Synecdoche wrote: Do you only use your wisdom teeth to grind down bone from your kills?

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