Friday Update: Week 04/2014, Castles and Mercenaries

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Friday Update: Week 04/2014, Castles and Mercenaries

Post by peugeot407 on Sat 25 Jan 2014 - 7:16

We know a lot of you aren't very enthousiastic about the use of AoE3's Fort models to represent medieval Castles in K&B. Nor are we, to be frank. The elephant in this particular room is of course the very obvious presence of cannons on the Forts' towers, something we've attempted to fix in K&B by retexturing them, but obviously that wasn't much of a solution, and did little to fix the underlying issue. However, we now believe to have fixed it properly:

The new Southern European Castle.

Yes, it's a new model. Its primary feature are the wooden hoardings, cunningly shaped so as to completely hide the cannons from sight, and thus make the Castle look significantly more medieval. However, since we needed a new model, we figured we might as well add some proper parapets to the walls, and for no particular reason we also added the tower/balcony arrangement at the back. Just a note: The textures are still work in progress. The texture of the Castle itself hasn't been altered much since adding the attachment, something we do intend to fix. Oh, and similar setups for the Middle Eastern Castle, as well as the new ones for the Quintessence, are also underway.

In other news, our resident portrait and icon creator Persian_Fusilier has been busy creating new artwork for K&B's mercenaries:

New mercenary icons. Click on the picture to see the larger portrait versions.

Please comment!

This week, in an event utterly unrelated to K&B, Pepp got very angry at (or possibly about) a famous Walloon detective:

Pepp wrote:Poirot! How dare you leave me in this country?!

K&B salutes... super7700, for evidently being very good at linking K&B's religions to their appropriate icons.
K&B refutes... Ukraine's president Viktor Yanukovich. Not content with being a mere puppet of Vladimir Putin, his stubbornness now literally causes the destruction of Kiev...


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