Friday Update: Week 51/2012, Peppic update

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Friday Update: Week 51/2012, Peppic update

Post by AOE_Fan on Fri 28 Dec 2012 - 23:54

Whoah, it has been a long time since the last Friday. And here we go, with Pepp Mrs. Nun. Today this young mad lady has something to show to you. I have some interesting news and works, including some textures by Herr Peppness my lovely Mother Superior. Let’s go to some galleries:

Eastern Cavalry Archer by Robert J.F., you’ll néééééver guess which model he used for the rider... grinning

Yes, you will never guess the model he used for the rider :lol: . In K&B, we divide our civilizations by military unit into two kind of variation group, says the Western and Eastern. Western unit are shared by all European civs (of course), whether it is West European (England, France, Flanders), South European (Italy, Spain, Byzantine), or East European (Germany, Poland-Lithuania, Denmark). Eastern units are shared by Saracen, Moor, Mongol, and Turk.

And next it is from our Eastern friend, Aslan Persian Fusilier. In our mod, he works as the icon and portraits maker. His icons are adorably Peppic! Let’s see some of them:

Portrait for Middle Eastern civs Politician, the Scholar

Portrait for Middle Eastern civs Politician, the Field Marshal

Yeah, you might wonder, what differ them from normal Politicians? It is how they work. Middle Eastern civs, which are Moors, Saracen, and Turk, have a unique way of age upgrade. Their politicians offer something, that when didn't chosen in one upgrade, will increase.

Last but actually the best ( Mrs. Nun Pepp ), I’ll bravely show to you my ladies, my latest texture:

Naffatun, Saracen’s unique unit, one of two grenadiers in the game.

What is Naffatun? Naffatun is one who threw naphtha, thus they are also known as fire thrower. The idea of the unit came from me, but the idea isn’t original from me. I get the idea from Stronghold: Crusader. If you play as Arabian, you’ll find a unit named Fire Thrower in the mercenary barrack. However, there is another unit already named Fire Thrower (a flame thrower, not grenade unit), owned by the Byzantine. So Robert change the name of Saracen’s Fire Thrower into Naffatun, which in Total War is owned by Egypt.

The quote I love the most in this week probably came from Robert. Yeah, this is according to something...

Robert wrote:This Naffatun though, it looks just fantastic. Best Peppic texture to date.

K&B salutes... Christmas. At least it comes… Well, I don’t really see any snow in Indonesia :lol:
K&B refutes... Myself. I got a car accident last week and my leg is still wounded, though not really bad.

Herr Royal Peppness Majesty Mistress Nun Peppanchamon IX

NB: Happy Doomsday! Mrs. Nun

- Quoted from Pepp
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