Friday Update: Week 32/2012, Some units by Pepp

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Friday Update: Week 32/2012, Some units by Pepp

Post by AOE_Fan on Mon 13 Aug 2012 - 20:24

Hello everyone! Apologies for the tardiness and brevity of this Update, we've all been quite busy here at K&B. I promise Sunday Updates won't become a common occurrence. As a small apology, I'll give you a sneak peek at several new textures! Pepp is quite a wonderful texturer, and the latest Peppic contributions to the Barbarian sub-civilisations and our mercenary corps are quite beautiful!

The Kharijite Archer, a Berber unit.

The Arsiyah, a horseman from the Khazar Khanate

The Galloglaich, a powerful mercenary of Scot, Hebridean, and Irish origin.

The first two units will become available at Trading Posts built near their respective communities, as is the norm for barbarian units, and the Galloglaich will be available to some Northern civilisations through their home cities' mercenary companies, as well as having the possibility of being available to every civilisation in the Tavern when a game is being played on a map based in the British Isles or the northern European subcontinent.

Our team's been very busy since the last update finalizing details on a number of unique gameplay aspects. This includes the Bazaar, a Middle Eastern civilisation building that replaces the Market and represents the Middle East's status as the crossroads of medieval trade from both Oriental and Occidental regions of the "known world", introducing a new dimension to trade in Age of Empires.

Today's quote is a slightly ominous promise of combat variety from iliander, who's busy having a ball designing and balancing unit stats for our Unique Units and Barbarians.
iliander wrote:Don't think you'll only have slightly modified base units running across the battlefield, hehe.

K&B salutes... Peter Jackson, for deciding to make a second trilogy in Middle-Earth with his upcoming interpretation of J.R.R. Tolkien's The Hobbit. Calo anor na ven.
K&B refutes... England, for stealing away our erstwhile mod leader peugeot407 for a few weeks on holiday. At least he's still visiting!

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